are you fuckin kidding me

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I am insecure

They glue their eyes on me

Is it my mustache? Is it my hunch?

Or is it my skin I need to moisturize,

so that your eyes wont stick on me

Jelly Beleavin’

I believe in the power of hidden faith

    Above where I look up and pray

I believe in the soul with my own blind vision

    Through sight the naked eye could not bear to see

I believe in dreams at night that lullaby’s thy

    Cradle of inspiration and power-source in try

I believe in what I feel and from not what I see

    The heart conceives in emotions and in depth 

    while the eyes betray above in an innocent ashtray

I believe in sunny side and the smile it brings each day

I believe in the whisper of the winds as it blows each whisper

I believe in the kiss of the rain as it sweeps it way down to my cheeks

The warmth of trees I hug, the taste of snowflakes, the pavement that takes me to where

    the flame that lights up a candle’s wick, I believe.

I believe in the beauty the price I payed for

I believe in the wisdom I earned from my want of wit

     In the knowledge I sow from the land redeemed all beautiful

I believe in life whatever thingamajigger means possible

     And even in darkness and in death I still believe

And I believe in me

     In all my liver, kidneys and spleen

     In what I believe- my words, my thoughts, and all things i failed to do

     In my dear relations who see my potential and talent

     In my nights I tear to sleep, my days the sun refuses to shine

And to all whoever that do not believe, 

I believe.


I dont know

Roll on the floor

I dont care anymore



What would your 10-year-old self say if they saw you now?

[“ça, cette chose, monstre, elle-il”

"Monsieur !"

"Merci d’être tout ce que je voulais devenir"

"Vous êtes si courageux"

Que dirait votre moi de 10 ans s’il vous voyait maintenant ?]

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make him ruler of the world!

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I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

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I’ve forced myself to be outside

Away from my bed where I go for comfort

To where I am friends with the monsters

And to where I talk to myself and applauded.

To this wilderness I am far from being secure,

To this place predictions never had chance,

To this sheath of silk nobody knows inhabited

To this where they call it “public”.

I fear for judgment despite my will

With my hands sweaty as Neptune,

face smudge with stickiness and oil,

my hair blooming by strand in disturbance,

eyes burning through this lens never used to,

my breath condemned to shall never be using oxygen.

Everyone stares at me in hazardous ways.

Say what?

What am I talking about?!

I’m nuts.

I think I’m drowning.

It’s flooding.

Is that a bird or a plane?

No, its just you being insecure.




tell me about it


tell me about it

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Bedford Subway artists / Brooklyn 2013 

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"Your thoughts is what makes you."